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Urban and Regional Planning, Master of (M.U.R.P.)

Suen Dr., I-Shian (Ivan)
Program Chair
(804) 828-2721

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Urban and Regional Planning, Master of (M.U.R.P.)
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Economic Development, Environmental Planning, Housing and Community Planning, Planning Management, Physical Land Use Planning, or Urban Revitalization

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Apr 1* (Mar 1 for financial aid)

Oct 1*


*These deadlines are designed to allow sufficient time for application review and admission processing. Applications may be submitted after the deadline; however, we cannot guarantee sufficient time for processing. Any application submitted too late for current semester processing will be considered for the following semester. Please contact the program chair with specific application questions.

The graduate program in urban and regional planning is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board and provides professional grounding in the theory and methodologies of planning through a curriculum that balances classroom and field experience.

The M.U.R.P. is a two-year degree program requiring 48 semester hours of class work. Each student must complete an internship with a planning agency or organization, as well as school and programmatic required courses totaling 30 semester hours. Core requirements for students within the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program will be met through the following courses:

In selecting their elective courses, students may (1) opt for exposure to a wide array of planning-related subject matter (the generalist or comprehensive approach), (2) select one of the areas of specialization defined by the department’s faculty (see the list that follows), or (3) develop an individualized program, focusing on one or more self-defined topics. Regardless of the approach selected, students are expected to meet regularly with their faculty advisers for discussion of their courses of study in relation to their career plans.

The following faculty-defined areas of specialization are offered by the department:

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