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Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Cokal, Susann
Director, Creative Writing Program
(804) 828-1331

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Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
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Fiction, Poetry or both genres

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Feb 1

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The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is designed to attract students from diverse undergraduate backgrounds who are writers of promise. The program is suited particularly to those interested primarily in the writing of fiction and poetry; however, some emphasis also is placed on the writing of nonfiction, playwriting and screenwriting.

Graduate students in creative writing are encouraged to develop a strong personal sense of aesthetics and ethics and to pursue excellence in writing and scholarship, as well as in teaching, if they are pursuing that career option. Through the workshop experience, as well as personal conferences with the writing faculty, the program aims to help students significantly advance the quality of their writing, to enable them to become expert critics of their own and others’ work, and to advise them as they seek to publish their writing.

Student learning outcomes

Fiction learning outcomes

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