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Accelerated master’s track

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The accelerated master’s track integrates graduate and undergraduate course work and leads to the awarding of a B.S. and M.S. degree simultaneously. The student must complete a minimum of 112.5 undergraduate credit hours including 60 prerequisite credit hours (see admission requirements for the baccalaureate degree program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences in the Undergraduate Bulletin for a list of the specific courses) and 52.5 credit hours of professional coursework in clinical laboratory sciences. A minimum cumulative GPA on CLLS courses of 2.7, completion of the GRE and an interview are required for admission into the graduate portion of the program. The candidate must complete at least 40 additional hours of graduate-level course work. Upon completion of the curriculum students are eligible to take the national certification examinations for a CLS/MT generalist. Students pursuing the accelerated master’s track must initially qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. Application materials may be obtained by writing to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Virginia Commonwealth University, P.O. Box 980632, Richmond, VA 23298-0632, or the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University, P.O. Box 980583, Richmond, VA 23298-0583, or from the Web at

Curriculum for the accelerated master’s track
Prerequisite requirement  
  60 credits of course work prior to entrance into the Bachelor of Science program in clinical laboratory sciences (refer to the VCU Undergraduate Bulletin for details of the required courses)

Professional studies requirement — Undergraduate  
  CLLS 301-302 Hematology 7.5
  CLLS 304 Urine and Body Fluid Analysis 2.0
  CLLS 306 Immunohematology 4.5
  CLLS 307 Introduction to Pathogenic Microbiology 3.0
  CLLS 308 Pathogenic Bacteriology 5.0
  CLLS 310 Clinical Immunology 4.5
  CLLS 311-312 Clinical Chemistry and Intrumentation I, II 10.0
  CLLS 337 Clinical Education 1.0
  CLLS 483 Biochemistry Practicum 3.0
  CLLS 485 Hematology Practicum 3.0
  CLLS 493 Clinical Microbiology Practicum 3.0
  CLLS 494 Miscellaneous Clinical Practicum 3.0
  CLLS 496 Blood Bank Practicum 3.0
Professional studies requirement – Graduate  
  CLLS 580 Education/Management 3.0
  BIOS 543 Statistical Methods I 3.0
  ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting 3.0
  Education/Management/Business Electives 3.0
  CLLS discipline-specific sciences (CLLS 627, 628, 629, 630) 9.0
  CLLS 690 Clinical Laboratory Sciences Seminar 1.0
  Research Methodology 3.0
  CLLS 790 Research in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 3.0
  Electives 12.0

Full-time candidates require a minimum of five academic years to complete the program.



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