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Categorical master’s track

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Categorical master’s track

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Complete supplemental Essential Functions for Admission to Programs in Clinical Laboratory Sciences form [pdf]

The categorical master’s track is designed for students with a baccalaureate degree in biology or chemistry. This track provides specialized study, including a clinical practicum, in one of the following areas: clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology or immunohematology. A project or thesis is required. Upon completion of the curriculum, students are eligible to take a national certification examination in the area in which they performed their concentrated study.

Curriculum for categorical master’s track

Students in the categorical master’s track are required to complete a minimum of 34 semester credits of graduate course work to include:

Discipline-specific science (includes CLLS 500 and clinical practicum) 15-18
Seminar 3
(4 recommended)
Education, management or business 3
Statistics 3
Research methodology 3
Research 4-6

Specific courses will depend on the individual candidate’s choice of specialty. The basic science requirement may be distributed among approved courses listed in this bulletin.

Categorical master’s candidates are required to complete a six-week clinical practicum in their specialty area.

A research study in the form of a thesis or project is required. Students selecting the thesis option complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of discipline-specific sciences and six hours of research; students selecting the project option complete 18 semester hours of discipline-specific sciences and four hours of research.

Full-time candidates require a minimum of two academic years to complete the program. There are no full-time residence requirements. Part-time students must complete all work requirements within six years. An interruption in registration in excess of one semester requires prior approval of the department.



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