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Combined Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) and Certificate in Aging Studies (Post-baccalaureate graduate certificate)

Abell, Dr. Melissa L.
Director, M.S.W. Program
(804) 828-2007

See the individual program pages for admission requirements specific to the separate degrees.

The School of Social Work in cooperation with the Department of Gerontology of the School of Allied Health Professions of VCU provides students with a unique educational opportunity in social work and gerontology. Master of Social Work students interested in work with elders or in gerontological programs may earn a Certificate in Aging Studies while completing the master’s degree requirements.

Students must meet the admission requirements of the Master of Social Work program of the School of Social Work and of the Certificate in Aging Studies program in the Department of Gerontology, School of Allied Health Professions. Admission into one program does not guarantee admission into the other. In order to meet the requirements of the M.S.W. degree and the Certificate in Aging Studies, students complete a total of 65 graduate credits. All foundation and concentration courses of the Master of Social Work Program are completed, and core courses (nine credits) of the Certificate in Aging Studies Program are completed. Other requirements are met by (1) completion of M.S.W. research courses in which students undertake a project focused on aging, (2) completion of second-year field instruction practicum requirements (six credits) in a social work setting related to aging, (3) completion of an independent study course in gerontology, which integrates research and practicum courses.

Additional information may be obtained from either of the following offices:

Department of Gerontology
School of Allied Health Professions
Virginia Commonwealth University
P.O. Box 980228
Richmond, VA 23298-0228
Attention: M.S.W.-Gerontology Certificate Adviser

School of Social Work
Virginia Commonwealth University
1001 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23284-2027
Attention: M.S.W.-Gerontology Certificate Adviser

GRTY 601 Biological and Physiological Aging 3
GRTY 602 Psychology of Aging 3
GRTY 605 Social Gerontology 3
GRTY 692 Independent Study in Gerontology

SLWK 706 and 707 Research for Clinical Social Work Practice I and II or
SLWK 714 and 715 Research for Social Work Administration, Planning and Policy I and II

SLWK 793-794 Concentration Field Instruction or
SLWK 795 Concentration Block Field Instruction



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