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Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Miller, William J.
Executive Director, Fast Track M.B.A. Program
(804) 828-3622

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Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
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The Executive M.B.A. curriculum takes advantage of students’ midlevel and executive professional experience by using it as a foundation on which to build a more sophisticated understanding of business. Core program components and differentiators include its integrated structure, experiential exercises and real-world application, which enable students to transition easily between the business world and their studies. The program’s innovative, integrated modular structure enables students to approach issues by module topic, which accurately reflects the multidisciplinary demands of the real business world.

The program is targeted to rising business executives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit managers and service professionals. It differs from other master’s programs at VCU because of its unique modular curriculum, which integrates components of communication, technology, service/quality, globalization and strategy.

The modules include:

  1. Team-building and leadership
  2. Business foundations
  3. Analysis and decisions
  4. Global challenges
  5. Productivity and innovation
  6. Organizational culture
  7. Strategic management

The Executive M.B.A. program is a lockstep program that meets alternating weekends, Fridays from 12:30 to 6:15 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. The program can be completed in approximately 20 months.

Deadline dates

The Executive M.B.A. program offers a rolling admissions process, meaning completed applications are evaluated by the admissions committee as quickly as possible upon receipt. The admissions committee will review all completed applications received up until the associated deadline date. Interviews with the program director for qualified applicants will be scheduled after the committee application review and, typically, admissions decisions will be made within two to four weeks of this interview. We strongly recommend submitting a completed application as soon as possible. Completed applications received after the final admission deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

For more information, contact the Executive M.B.A. office at (804) 828-3622 or visit the website at

Program requirements

The program is designed for students with significant work experience. The student’s adviser will review the student’s educational and professional background to determine the extent to which the student has satisfied prerequisites. Those with outstanding prerequisites will be required to complete one or more online courses, included in the program tuition, to demonstrate competency.

The program consists of 13 courses that are divided into seven integrated modules.

Degree requirements Credits
Module 1  
FMBA 601 Team Building and Leadership (course 1) 3
FMBA 602 Team Building and Leadership (course 2) 3
Module 2  
FMBA 603 Business Foundations (course 1) 3
Module 3  
FMBA 604 Analysis and Decisions (course 1) 3
FMBA 605 Analysis and Decisions (course 2) 3
FMBA 606 Analysis and Decisions (course 3) 3
Module 4  
FMBA 607 Global Challenges (course 1) 3
Module 5  
FMBA 609 Productivity and Innovation (course 1) 3
FMBA 610 Productivity and Innovation (course 2) 3
Module 6  
FMBA 608 Organizational Culture (course 1) 3
Module 7  
FMBA 611 Strategic Management (course 1) 3
FMBA 612 Strategic Management (course 2) 3
FMBA 613 Strategic Management (course 3) 3
Total 39

Students may also complete an optional 9 credit health care management concentration that will be offered in a cohort structure every summer between the first and second years of the Executive M.B.A. program. Class sessions for each course will meet over a three-day period, Thursday through Saturday. The concentration in health care management is designed for Executive M.B.A. students who want a deeper understanding of the unique issues that affect the health care industry. This initiative is offered in collaboration with the VCU School of Allied Health Professions’ Department of Health Administration.

The program will explore the major influences in health care management from three different perspectives:

FMBA 613 Health Care Management I: National
FMBA 614 Health Care Management II: Employer’s Perspective 3
FMBA 615 Health Care Management III: Industry Perspective 3
Total 9



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