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Graduate Program Director
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The finance concentration is designed to prepare students for financial decision-making positions in corporate, investment, financial and governmental institutions. Courses offered in finance include advanced financial management, investments and security analysis, funds management in financial institutions, international finance, and derivatives.

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Calculus (MGMT 212 or MGMT 500)  
Foundation courses (0 to 12 credit hours, dependent on the number of courses waived)  
ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting  
ECON 500 Concepts in Economics  
FIRE 520 Financial Concepts of Management  
MGMT 524 Statistical Elements of Quantitative Management  
Core area (15 credit hours)  
FIRE 622 Financial Management of Financial Institutions  
FIRE 623 Financial Management  
FIRE 635 Investments and Security Analysis  
FIRE 639 International Finance  
FIRE 650 Derivatives  
Finance, insurance and real estate electives (12 credit hours)
Students select four of the following courses:
FIRE 621 Cases in Financial Management  
FIRE 625 Group Insurance and Pension Planning  
FIRE 626 Risk Management  
FIRE 629 Real Estate Investment Analysis  
FIRE 654 Short-term Financial Management  
FIRE 657 Current Issues in Investments and Markets  
FIRE 658 Real Estate Finance and Investments  
FIRE 664 Current Issues in Corporate Finance  
FIRE 691 Topics in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate  
FIRE 693 Field Project in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate*  
FIRE 697 Guided Study in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate  
* FIRE 693 Field Project in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate is recommended for full-time students. The department will work closely with full-time students and prospective employers in order to achieve this goal.
A student may substitute a free elective for one of the FIRE electives with the approval of the director of the concentration in finance.
Free electives (3 credit hours)  
Students may choose any free elective approved by the director of the M.S. program in finance. Students are encouraged to select accounting, economics, math or statistics courses.



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