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Business, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Dulá, José H.
Interim Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies
(804) 828-6002

Park, Myung
Accounting Adviser
(804) 828-3161

Yoon, Victoria
Information Systems Adviser
(804) 828-0672

Pugh, Doug
Management Adviser
(804) 828-7116


Admission requirements summary

Business, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Select one major specialization: accounting, information systems or management

of entry:


Jan 1

GMAT (or GRE for information systems and management majors only)
Special requirements:
Accounting and management majors are admitted for the fall of odd-numbered years; information systems majors are admitted for the fall of even-numbered years.

The Ph.D. in Business program is designed specifically for individuals intending to fill positions at institutions that require a balance of scholarly training, teaching and practical application of the appropriate field of study. With its small size — the program has less than 40 students — it allows for extensive one-to-one interaction between students and faculty. Three areas of study are offered: accounting, information systems and management.

A basic tenet of the Ph.D. in Business program is that the classic trilogy of research, teaching and service typically invoked in university mission statements is synergistic. The program strives to develop graduates who share this perspective and aspire to well-rounded individual roles within universities, colleges and other learning organizations. For this reason, the program provides instruction in both research and teaching.

Instruction in basic and applied research is the cornerstone of the program. To fulfill the requirements for the degree, students must demonstrate successful completion of prerequisite and advanced courses, comprehensive examinations, and completion and defense of a dissertation. The advanced courses provide coverage in basic theories, methodologies and techniques needed to conduct research. The dissertation demonstrates the student’s competence in conducting independent research.

Enhancement of teaching skills is emphasized in the program. It provides students with mentoring and teaching experience. Formal instruction designed to augment student teaching skills is also required. Mentoring involves teaming a student with a faculty member with the goal of augmenting student self-awareness and self-confidence in the classroom. Classroom experience is required to insure that the Ph.D. graduate enters the job market with certifiable teaching experience. The formal courses are designed to provide substantive instruction on teaching the adult learner.

A third aspect of the Ph.D. program is its emphasis on practical application in the area of study for students concentrating in accounting and information systems. In accounting, for example, emphasis is placed on projects based on real-world experience, and students are encouraged to develop papers around topics that address practical application of accounting concepts. In information systems, students usually work on projects brought in to the Information Systems Research Institute. These projects focus on user applications and emphasize solutions to specific requirements.

Student learning outcomes



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