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Special Education, Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Thoma, Dr. Colleen
Chair, Department of Special Education and Disability Policy
(804) 827-2651

Admission requirements summary

Special Education, Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Indicate specialization: early childhood, general education or severe disabilities

of entry:

Summer (general education only)

Mar 15
Mar 15


The Master of Education in Special Education program prepares graduates for work in one of three areas: early childhood, severe disabilities or general education. Applicants who do not already hold a teaching license must meet both licensure and degree requirements prior to the awarding of the Master of Education degree unless exempted as a professional from another discipline. Students should plan carefully with their adviser to ensure that the appropriate courses and experiences are completed. Successful completion of the degree program leads to endorsement in early childhood special education or severe disabilities.

There are several tests that students must pass for admission to teacher preparation, admission to student teaching and licensure in Virginia. Students should consult the Student Services Center section on the School of Education website for current testing requirements.

Student learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate content knowledge in special education. Candidates demonstrate content knowledge in special education as evidenced by the final portfolio and case study paper.
  2. Effectively plan instruction. Candidates demonstrate that they can effectively plan classroom-based instruction or activities for other roles as special educators as evidenced by the UDL/Collaboration unit plan.
  3. Effectively apply knowledge, skills and dispositions (clinical experience). Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills and dispositions are applied effectively in practice as evidenced by the Clinical Evaluation Continuum.
  4. Effect on student learning. Candidates demonstrate effects on student learning as evidenced by the unit plan with curriculum-based measure (secondary).
  5. Candidates demonstrate CEC standards proficiency. Candidates further demonstrate proficiency on CEC competencies as evidenced by the Assessing a Child/IEP assignment, the Multicultural Poster and Paper, and the Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan.



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