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Educational Leadership, Certificate in (Post-master’s certificate)

Cypres, Dr. Autumn
Department Chair, Educational Leadership
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Admission requirements summary

Educational Leadership, Certificate in (Post-master’s certificate)

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Mar 15


The post-master’s certificate is a 21-hour program for individuals who hold a master’s degree in the field of education or a master’s degree that meets the requirements to hold a position requiring licensure in Virginia; who have an active five-year renewable educator license; and who have at least two years of school experience in an instructional personnel position that requires licensure in Virginia.

An end-of-program assessment is required. Individuals must meet Technology Standards approved by the Virginia Board of Education, and they must supply proof of Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition Training. Individuals successfully completing the program are eligible for endorsement as an administrator/supervisor K-12.

This program is delivered through an innovative, competency-based curriculum comprised of a combination of face-to-face and online one-, two- or three-credit courses. The program features authentic real-time computer-simulated experiences imbedded in several courses throughout the program.

Please visit the Department of Educational Leadership’s Auto-Advising Web page for program–specific application requirements.

Student learning outcomes

  1. Candidates demonstrate content knowledge. Candidates demonstrate content knowledge in educational leadership as evidenced by the SLLA and the School Law Case Study.
  2. Design, align, evaluate curriculum and guide learning. Candidates demonstrate the ability to develop a supervisory plan for classroom-based learning as evidenced by the Clinical Supervision Model.
  3. Internship/clinical practice. Candidates demonstrate effective applications in internship/clinical practice as evidenced by the On-Site Supervisor Evaluation.
  4. Assess application of content. Candidates demonstrate application of content as evidenced by the Action Research Project.
  5. Assess management and community relations. Candidates demonstrate organizational management and community-relations skills as evidenced by the Educational Intervention Plan.
Required courses 21
ADMS 618 Leadership for Educational Change and Improvement
ADMS 622 Understanding Diversity and Leading for Social Justice
ADMS 623 Schooling as a Complex System
ADMS 624 Principals as Human Resource Agents
ADMS 625 Leadership for Individualized Learning
ADMS 626 Internal/External Relations and Communications
ADMS 627 Enhancing and Supporting Instruction
ADMS 628 Cultural Inheritance of Schools
ADMS 629 The Business of Schools
ADMS 631 Evidence-based Decision-making  
ADMS 633 Multiple Dimensions of Leadership  
ADMS 670 Administrative Internship I*  
ADMS 671 Administrative Internship II**  
ADMS 675 Administrative Internship III***  

*ADMS 670 must be taken in the first semester of enrollment in the program.
**ADMS 671 is taken in the next-to-last semester of enrollment in the program.
***ADMS 675 is taken in the last semester of enrollment in the program.

Assessment, no credit

Individuals must take the School Leader's Licensure Assessment or any other assessment required by the Virginia Board of Education for endorsement as a school principal/supervisor K-12.



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