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Pediatric nurse practitioner

Admission to this concentration has been suspended for 2013-14.

Graduate courses in health assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology must be completed prior to or concurrent with enrollment in the concentration area courses.

The following plans are examples of curricula:

Pediatric nurse practitioner  
NURS 503 Advanced Nursing Practice: Psychosocial 3
NURS 633 Common Health Problems of Women 1
NURS 647 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Children 3
NURS 648 Management of Acute Problems of Children and Adolescents 3
NURS 649 Children with Special Health Care Needs 3
NURS 650 Child Behavior and Mental Health 2
NURS 671 Practicum in Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health 1
NURS 672 Child Practicum I 3
NURS 673 Child Practicum II 3
NURS 674 Child Practicum III 4
NURS 682 Women’s Practicum I 1
IDDS 600C Interdisciplinary Studies in Developmental Disabilities: Teamwork in Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities 3



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