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Nurse educator

Admissions to this concentration are suspended until further notice.

Graduate courses in health assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology must be completed prior to or concurrent with enrollment in the concentration area courses.

The following plans are examples of curricula:

NURS 512 Advanced Nursing Science
NURS 602 Contexts and Curriculum of Nursing Education
NURS 603 Classroom Teaching Strategies
NURS 604 Clinical Teaching Strategies
University courses*

* Choose from the following list of university courses:

ADLT 601 Adult Learning and Development
ADLT/EDUS 632 The Changing Face of Higher Education
ADMS 701 Education Policy Research
ADMS 702 Educational Administration: Contemporary Theory and Practice
ADMS 707 The Politics of Education
ALHP 712 Curriculum and Communication Design for Health Care Professionals
CLED/EDUS 631 American College and University
CLED/EDUS 633 Academic Leadership in Higher Education
EDUS 601 Philosophy of Education
EDUS 610 Social Foundations of Education
EDUS 661 Educational Evaluation: Models and Design
EDUS 662 Educational Measurement and Evaluation
GRAD 601 The Academic Profession
GRAD 602 Teaching, Learning and Technology in Higher Education
GRAD 605 Professional Specialty Seminar
SELD 600 Characteristics of Persons with Learning Disabilities
TEDU 615 Curriculum Development



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