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McQuaid, Ms. Jana P.
Graduate Program Director
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Admissions to this concentration are currently suspended.

The Master of Science in Business with a human resource management concentration is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the field and its problems and opportunities. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the curriculum combines courses from within and outside the School of Business to focus on the dynamics of an ever-changing field from a local, national and international perspective. Topics included in the curriculum reflect the body of knowledge covered in professional certification examinations administered by the Human Resource Certification Institute. The ultimate objective of the program is to prepare students for a career in human resource management.

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Foundation courses (0 to 15 credits)1
MGMT 500 Quantitative Foundation for Decision Making
MGMT 524 Statistical Elements of Quantitative Management

Choose any three of the following:
   ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting
   ECON 500 Concepts in Economics
   FIRE 520 Financial Concepts of Management
   MGMT 530 Fundamentals of the Legal Environment of Business
   MGMT 540 Management Theory and Practice
   MKTG 570 Concepts and Issues in Marketing

Core requirements (12 credits)
MGMT 637 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGMT 641 Organizational Leadership and Project Team Management2

Research methods – choose one
   EDUS 661 Educational Evaluation: Models and Designs
   PADM/GVPA/CRJS/URSP 623 Research Methods for Government and Public Affairs
   PADM 654 Program Design and Evaluation in the Nonprofit Sector

Global focus – choose one
   MGMT 644 International Business Management
   MGMT 684 Issues in International Human Resource Management

Human resource electives (12 credits) – choose four
ECON 631 Labor Market Theory and Analysis
FIRE 625 Group Insurance and Pension Planning
MGMT 632 Statistical Analysis3
MGMT 646 Legal Foundations of Employment
MGMT 649 Compensation Policy and Administration
MGMT 677 Quality Management and Six Sigma
MGMT 680 Health, Safety and Security Administration
MGMT 682 Human Resource Staffing
MGMT 684 Issues in International Human Resource Management4

Interdisciplinary electives (6 credits) – choose two
ADLT 620 Human Resource Development Overview
ADLT 623 Organizational Learning
ADLT 625 Change Strategies for HRD Practitioners
PADM 607 Public Human Resource Management
PADM 691 Topics in Public Administration5

1 Some or all foundation courses may be waived if a student has completed equivalent undergraduate courses prior to admission.
2 Available to non-MBA students only in the summer.
3 Strongly recommended for students considering doctoral study.
4 May not serve as an elective when taken as a global focus course.
5 Requires approval of the program adviser.



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