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Instructional Technology, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate graduate certificate)

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Instructional Technology, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate graduate certificate)

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The Post-baccalaureate Certificate for Instructional Technology prepares educators to use technology effectively in their schools and to provide instructional leadership and technical support to other educators who use computer technology. Designed for teachers, resource persons and administrators at all grade levels (K-12), the sequence in instructional technology offers a unique opportunity to develop comprehensive knowledge and experience in the educational applications of computers and related technologies. The primary purpose of this certificate program is to meet the growing need for highly qualified core curriculum teachers, instructional technology support teachers and associated administrative personnel. The program requires six three-credit hour courses. In addition, prerequisites for the program require that students must be licensed K-12 teachers or administrators with a minimum of two years of classroom experience, who have completed TEDU 507 or provide evidence of mastery level of the requirements of that class. The program is committed to providing access to technology so that hands-on experience is offered in every class and participants produce instructional material that can be immediately integrated into the classroom.

Student learning outcomes

  1. Knowledge and skills. Candidates will demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate effective learning experiences, using technology.
  2. Visual arts. Candidates will demonstrate their skills in visual arts.
  3. Searching techniques. Candidates will successfully demonstrate searching techniques.
  4. Video production. Candidates will be able to produce and edit video for education.
  5. Online instructional modules. Candidates will be able to set up online instructional modules incorporating various communication and digital activities for students.
  6. Conference presentation. Candidates will present at a conference and be able to prepare a professional development class in technology.


TEDU 560 Instructional Strategies Using the Internet 3
TEDU 556 Advanced Computer Applications in Education 3
TEDU 610 Developing and Critiquing Visual Literacy 3
TEDU 620/MASC 681 Video Applications in Instruction 3
TEDU 640 Designing and Managing eLearning 3
TEDU 673 Technology Leadership and Staff Development 3
Total 18



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