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International Management Studies, Certificate in (Undergraduate certificate)

The certificate program in international management studies is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Department of Management in the School of Business and the School of World Studies in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The certificate program combines international management, foreign languages and European studies into a unique program intended to equip students for careers in international business. Students concentrating in liberal arts or business programs, as well as other majors, are encouraged to apply.

Certification through this program requires 33 to 36 hours of approved credits from the list of courses given below. Students may enroll in this program and take courses while enrolled in another undergraduate program at the university, but must choose the same country track for European studies and foreign language courses.

For more information, contact Dr. Charles M. Byles of the Department of Management at (804) 828-7125 or, or Dr. Patricia Cummins of the School of World Studies at (804) 827-0958 or, or visit the program’s website:

Course requirements


European studies
Select three courses from the following list. At least one course must be specific to one of the following country tracks: France, Germany or Spain.
EUCU 307 Aspects of German Culture
FREN 420 French Regional Culture
FREN 421 French Contemporary Culture
GEOG 334 Regional Geography of _________
GRMN 421 The Postwar German Scene
HIST 102 Survey of European History
HIST 313 Post-war Europe, 1945 to the Present
HIST 316 History of France
HIST 318 History of Germany
HIST 323 History of Spain and Portugal
HIST 330 European Social History
POLI/INTL 352 European Governments and Politics
SPAN 420 Civilization of Spain II
Foreign languages
Select one of the following language tracks:
FREN 300 Advanced Grammar and Writing
FREN 321 French Civilization and Culture II
FREN 440 Commercial French
GRMN 300 Composition and Conversation
GRMN 301 Grammer and Writing
GRMN 314 Commercial German
GRMN 317 Advanced Grammar and Writing
GRMN 321 From Faust to Nazism: Civilization and Literature II
SPAN 300 Advanced Grammar and Writing
SPAN 320 Civilization of Spain I
SPAN 414 Commercial Spanish
International management
MGMT 319 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 329/INTL 327 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
MGMT/INTL 418 International Management
Experiential learning
The following courses are ways to apply program content to international management settings. Choose any one.
INTL 493 International Studies Internship
MGMT/INTL 491 Topics in Management: The European Union (Study Abroad)
Approved service-learning course (SPAN/LING 402 Language Issues in the Spanish-speaking World, FREN 300 Advanced Grammar and Writing, RELS 340/INTL 341 Global Ethics and the World’s Religions or other approved courses).
Language/cultural immersion experience
Students must complete an approved language/cultural immersion experience by which they demonstrate the successful application of foreign language, cross-cultural and management skills. This demonstration can be achieved through an approved study abroad program, such as MGMT/INTL 491 Topics in Management: The European Union, an overseas internship, a service-learning course or previous life experience.
Core course in international management
Students must complete the following integrative course, which should be taken toward the end of the program.
MGMT/INTL 419 Doing Business in Europe
Total 33-36



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