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Real Estate and Urban Land Development, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate)

Admission to this program is currently suspended.

The Post-baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Real Estate and Urban Land Development is designed for persons who already have earned a baccalaureate degree in fields other than real estate, yet do not wish to work toward a graduate degree in this field. The certificate program is popular with professionals who wish to study real estate, economics and finance to help them advance in their careers as well as for those who wish to become real estate professionals in land development, brokerage, valuation and investment counseling, site analysis and selection, real property management, mortgage lending, and bank trust and corporate real estate-related careers in the public and private sectors.

A minimum of 30 semester credit hours must be earned to satisfy this certificate requirement, with a minimum of 24 semester hours of study required at VCU.

Students must receive a minimum grade of C in each of the major required courses.

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Required courses
FIRE 316 Principles of Real Estate
FIRE 326 Real Estate Law
FIRE 425 Real Estate Appraisal
FIRE 429 Real Estate Finance and Capital Markets
FIRE 431 Real Estate Investment Analysis
Approved electives
Select 15 credits from the approved electives below, being certain to have satisfied all prerequisites
ECON 307 Money and Banking
FIRE 311 Financial Management
FIRE 312 Intermediate Financial Management
FIRE 314 Investments
FIRE 317 Real Property Management
FIRE 333 Risk and Insurance
FIRE 424 Property and Liability Insurance
FIRE 437 Funds Management in Financial Institutions
FIRE 455 Options, Futures and Swaps
FIRE 465 Managing Financial Risk
FIRE 492 Independent Study in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
MGMT 301 Business Statistics
MGMT 302 Business Statistics
MGMT 491 Topics in Management
Total credits



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