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Human resource management, minor in

The minor in human resource management consists of 18 credits and gives student exposure to some of the knowledge from this field. Core courses provide a broad foundation on which more specialized elective courses build.

Core courses – Students should take these courses first.
MGMT 319 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 331 Human Resource Management

Approved electives – Choose two from each group.*

Group A
MGMT 431 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT 433 Compensation Management
MGMT/INTL 446 International Human Resource Management

Group B
FIRE 428 Employee Benefit Planning
FIRE/MGMT 444 Occupational Safety, Health and Security
MGMT 403 Human Resource Development
MGMT 420 Labor and Employment Relations
MGMT 427 Employee Law
MGMT 447 Human Resource Information Systems
PSYC 310 Industrial Psychology

* Any prerequisites must also be satisfied.



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