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Art History, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a concentration in architectural history

Special requirements

Art history majors must earn a minimum grade of C in each ARTH course to be applied to the curriculum requirements. In addition to the requirements for application to the School of the Arts, applicants to the art history program must submit as a writing sample a research paper in the humanities not to exceed 20 pages.

The architectural history curriculum, with strong liberal arts and studio components, is a comprehensive architectural history program that emphasizes the study of both Western and non-Western architecture. This program affords the student an excellent background for graduate work in architectural history and/or art history, as well as career opportunities in the field. Given the region's rich and diverse architectural resources, this program provides an unusual opportunity for on-site studies. By providing the student with additional studio training in art history, such as architectural presentation graphics and urban studies and planning, this program offers a well-rounded knowledge of architectural history.

Degree requirements for Art History, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with an architectural history concentration

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will know and know how to do the following:

  • Practice precise and thorough observation
  • Write and speak effectively about art and architecture
  • Acquire knowledge of key monuments, artists and art movements in the history of art
  • Conduct research using art historical methods
General Education requirements Credits
University Core Education Curriculum (minimum 21 credits)
UNIV 111 Focused Inquiry I 3
UNIV 112 Focused Inquiry II 3
UNIV 200 Inquiry and the Craft of Argument 3
Approved humanities/fine arts 3
Approved natural/physical sciences 3-4
Approved quantitative literacy 3-4
Approved social/behavioral sciences 3-4
Additional General Education Requirements (9 credits)  
Collateral requirements (29 credits)  
ENGL 215 Textual Analysis 3
HIST (any) 12
Fine arts studio (CRAF, SCPT, PAPR or PHTO 11
Major requirements (42 credits)  
ARTH 103, 104 Survey of Western Art 6
ARTH 317, 318 History of Architecture 6
ARTH 390 Art Historical Methods 3
ARTH capstone (select one course) 3
Non-Western art history (select two courses from the list below) 6
Western architectural history (select six courses from the list below) 18
Open electives (16-19 credits) 16-19
Total minimum requirement 120

Art history course selections

*ARTH 489 and 591 may be counted only with department approval in the appropriate category.

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