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Art history, minor in

A minor in art history consists of 18 credits, which must include:

The remaining 6 credits may be any ARTH course at the 200 to 300 level open to non-majors (visit for a list of all ARTH courses), however only one history of film class (270, 271, 370 or 374) can be counted toward the art history minor.

Of the total 18 credits, 9 credits must be 300-level courses. Only courses in which a student earns a minimum grade of C may be applied to the minor. A student may apply for the art history minor after successful completion of ARTH 103 and ARTH 104.

List 1
ARTH 300 Prehistoric and Ancient Art and Architecture
ARTH 305 Classical Art and Architecture
ARTH 310 Medieval Art and Architecture
ARTH 315 Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH 320 Baroque and Rococo Art and Architecture
ARTH 325 19th-century Art and Architecture in Europe
ARTH 330 20th-century Art and Architecture
ARTH 365 Modern and Contemporary Art I
ARTH 366 Modern and Contemporary Art II

List 2
ARTH 207 Introduction to Non-Western Art
ARTH 245 Survey of Asian Art
ARTH 301 Art and Architecture of Ancient North America
ARTH 335 Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture
ARTH 338 Colonial Art and Architecture of Latin America
ARTH 339 Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture of Latin America
ARTH 340 Art and Architecture of the United States
ARTH 341 Architecture of the United States
ARTH 342 African-American Art
ARTH 345 The Art of India
ARTH 347 The Art of East Asia
ARTH 350 African and Oceanic Art
ARTH 358 African Art and Architecture



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