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Environmental Studies, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate)

The environmental studies certificate is for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field and wish to pursue studies in the environmental studies field. The certificate can help prepare students for work in such fields as industrial pollution control, municipal water treatment, environmental planning and analysis, biological monitoring, and science writing and reporting.

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Environmental Studies requires 36 credits, which includes four environmental courses and two statistics courses listed below. Electives to complete the certificate may be selected from the ENVS-listed courses and from courses in related departments. Consult the environmental studies program coordinator or adviser for course approvals. At least one course must be taken from the natural sciences and one from the social sciences. Of the 36 credits, 24 credits must be at the 300 level or above. A maximum of 11 of the environmental studies-related credits and all six of the statistics credits may be transferred from course work completed before or after receiving the bachelor’s degree. At least 18 approved credits must be taken at VCU.

Post-baccalaureate certificate students must apply for admission using an undergraduate admission form. Normally, a GPA of 2.7 or better is required for admission. Please contact the Center for Environmental Studies for the most current curriculum guidelines.

Required courses for certificate
ECON 325 Environmental Economics
ENVS/POLI 311 Politics of the Environment
ENVS 490 Research Seminar in Environmental Studies
STAT 210 Basic Practice of Statistics or MGMT 301 Business Statistics
URSP/ENVS/GEOG 332 Environmental Management
Three additional credits in statistics above STAT 210

(Students may not receive credit for both STAT 210 and MGMT 301.)

Additional recommended courses
BIOL 151 and 152 Introduction to Biological Science I and II and BIOZ 151L and 152L Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory I and II

CHEM 101-102 General Chemistry and CHEZ 101 and 102 General Chemistry Laboratory I and II



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