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Homeland security and emergency preparedness, minor in

A minor in homeland security and emergency preparedness consists of 18 credits. Students are required to take the following:

HSEP 101 Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
HSEP 301/POLI 367/CRJS 367 Terrorism
HSEP 302/CRJS 368 Emergency Planning and Incident Management
HSEP/CRJS 330 Legal and Constitutional Issues in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Students should choose three credits from the following list:

HSEP 310 Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
HSEP 311 Strategic Planning for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
HSEP 320/CRJS 375 The Intelligence Community and the Intelligence Process

Students should choose three additional elective credits from the HSEP electives list above in consultation with an adviser (students also may choose these credits from whichever HSEP core courses they have not already taken).



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