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Islamic studies, minor in

A minor in Islamic studies consists of 18 credits, including:

RELS 317/INTL 317 Islam

At least three (nine credits) of the following:
HIST 328 Modern Middle East
RELS/GSWS 371 Islam and Women
RELS/INTL 409 Modern Islamic Thought and Global Trends
RELS/INTL 441 Islamic Mysticism: the Sufis

Students may select from any of the following courses to complete the 18 credit minor requirement:

ARBC 101 Elementary Arabic
HIST 391 Topics in History, with approved topic
INTL/FRLG 204 Language and Groups in the United States, with approved topic
POLI/INTL 351 Governments and Politics of the Middle East
RELS 490 Seminar in Religious Studies, with approved topic
RELS 491 Topics in Religious Studies, with approved topic
RELS 492 Independent Study, with permission of adviser and Islamic studies professor

Other relevant courses may be accepted with the approval of an adviser.



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