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Spanish, minor in

A minor in Spanish requires at least 18 credits in the chosen language, none of which may be earned at the 100 level. Only six credits may be earned by completing 201, 202 or 205. At least 12 credits must be taken at the 300 level or above.

In choosing 300-level course work, students pursuing a minor are limited to taking only one of the following three advanced conversation courses to meet minor requirements: SPAN 305, SPAN 307 or SPAN 311. Note that these courses cannot be taken by native speakers of Spanish, non-natives raised in a Spanish-speaking country or near-native speakers. However, under the consideration of the Spanish coordinator and class instructor, SPAN 307 and SPAN 311 may be taken by Spanish-speaking students raised in the U.S. who haven’t had enough practice of academic discourse in Spanish.

Note: Language Placement Test results cannot substitute for completion of course work. Foreign language minors must take at least two upper-level courses at VCU in the chosen language area.



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