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British studies, minor in

David Latané
Professor and Coordinator, British Studies

Offered jointly by the departments of English and History, the minor in British studies requires at least 18 credits, 15 of which must be taken at the 300 level or above. Courses must come from at least two different departments. One three-credit course must come from each of the following core lists. The remaining nine credits may be selected from the core lists or the approved electives.

Core 1: Modern Britain
ENGL 341 British Literature and Culture After 1945
ENGL 391 Topics in Literature or ENGL 491 Topics in Writing (when topic is appropriate)
HIST 320 History of England
HUMS 391 Special Topics in the Humanities and Sciences (when topic is appropriate)

Core 2: British origins
ENGL 401 Shakespeare
ENGL 402 Chaucer
ENGL 403 Milton
ENGL 412 18th-century Studies: ____
HIST 319 History of England

Core 3: Britain’s impact on the world
ENGL 365/AFAM 365/INTL 367 Caribbean Literature
ENGL 371 American Literary Beginnings
HIST 342 Colonial America, 1585-1763
HIST 343 Two American Revolutions, 1763-1800
HIST/AFAM 389 History of Southern Africa
HIST/AFAM 392 The Caribbean to 1838

Approved electives
ARTH 425 Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism through Fin-de-Siecle
ARTH 429 Studies in 19th-century Art (appropriate topic)
ARTH 439 Studies in 20th-century Art (appropriate topic)
ENGL 203 British Literature I
ENGL 204 British Literature II
ENGL 321 English Drama From 900 to 1642
ENGL 322 Medieval Literature: Old English to Middle English
ENGL 325 Early Modern Literature
ENGL 330 Restoration and 18th-century Drama
ENGL 331 Restoration and 18th-century British Literature
ENGL 332 18th-century British Novels and Narratives
ENGL 335 British Literature of the Romantic Era
ENGL 336 19th-century British Novels and Narratives
ENGL 337 Victorian Poetry
ENGL 340 Early 20th-century British Literature
ENGL 410 Medieval Studies: ____
ENGL 411 Early Modern Studies: ____
ENGL 499 Senior Seminar in English (appropriate topic)
HIST 391 Topics in History (as appropriate)
HIST 490 Seminar in History (as appropriate)
HONR 399 Honors Module (as appropriate)
PHIL 104 Modern Western Philosophy
RELS 362 Shakespeare and Religion
THEA 491 Topics in Theatre (as appropriate)



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