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Creative writing, minor in

The minor in creative writing consists of 18 credits in upper-level courses. At least 15 credits must be in upper-level courses drawn from this list. Note that some of these courses may be taken twice for credit.

ENGL 303 Writing for Stage and/or Screen
ENGL 305 Writing Poetry
ENGL 307 Writing Fiction
ENGL 309 Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 433/THEA 426 Advanced Playwriting
ENGL 445 Form and Theory of Poetry
ENGL 447 Form and Theory of Fiction
ENGL 435 Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 437 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 439 Literary Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 491 Topics in Writing

Three credits may be taken from these other writing and writing-related courses:

ENGL/CRJS 302 Legal Writing
ENGL 304 Advanced Writing
ENGL 310/MGMT 327 Business and Technical Report Writing
ENGL 388 Writing in the Workplace
ENGL 493 English Internship



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