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Mass Communications, Master of Science (M.S.) – multimedia journalism

Nicholson, June O.
Director of Graduate Studies, School of Mass Communications
(804) 827-0251

The M.S. in Mass Communications with a concentration in multimedia journalism will prepare students for the practice of professional journalism in a highly competitive and multiple-platform (print, broadcast, online/digital) news environment. The program is designed primarily for recent graduates who have an undergraduate degree in journalism or a related field or for professional journalists with several or more years of experience who want to upgrade their professional skills. The program will prepare students to function at a high level in contemporary newsrooms.

This professionally oriented graduate program focuses on building multimedia skills. The degree requires 36 credit hours, 30 of which are in the journalism discipline. Students take an additional six credit hours in a collateral area outside of mass communications. Students in this program learn the theory and practice of journalism in an immersion news environment, and can further specialize through graduate electives, projects and stories in any number of “beat” areas. For example, students can focus on coverage of health or the environment or concentrate on learning about international media coverage.

The program is designed so that students will take three courses each semester (fall and spring). During each semester, two of the courses will be offered in the evenings and one will be offered online. Thus, students will be able to complete the course work over two years of study.

Student learning outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:


MASC 611 Research Methods in Mass Communication (3)
MASC 642 Online Journalism I (3)
MASC 643 Online Journalism II (3)
MASC 644 Computer-assisted Reporting (3)
MASC 645 Visual Journalism (3)
MASC 646 Convergence Law and Ethics (3)
MASC 684 Multiplatform Storytelling (3)
MASC 685 The Business of Media (3)
MASC 686 International Journalism (3)
MASC 688 Converged Media Applications (3)
or MASC 699 Thesis (3)
Graduate electives (6)

Admission requirements

Beyond the general standards listed in the Graduate studies at VCU section of this bulletin, admission to the multimedia journalism concentration of the mass communications master’s program also will be based on:

Students who have not completed baccalaureate course work in journalism or who have not had the appropriate professional experience may be required to take undergraduate courses as a foundation. These do not count toward the graduate degree.

In addition, applicants must provide:



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