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Admissions to this concentration are suspended until further notice.

The nurse educator track prepares students for roles in nursing education. These roles focus on the facilitation of learning through curriculum design, teaching, evaluation, advisement and other activities undertaken by faculty in schools of nursing.

Nursing education may take place in a variety of settings, including hospitals, colleges and universities. The implementation of the faculty role may be in traditional classroom-based environments or in nontraditional environments. Nurse educators engage in a number of roles and functions, each of which reflects the core competencies of nursing faculty. Those competencies include:

  1. Facilitate student learning.
  2. Facilitate learner development and socialization.
  3. Use assessment and evaluation strategies.
  4. Participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes.
  5. Function as a change agent and leader.
  6. Pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role.
  7. Engage in scholarship.
  8. Function within the educational environment.

The extent to which a specific nurse educator implements these competencies varies according to many factors, including the mission of his or her institution, rank, academic preparation and type of program in which teaching takes place. After completion of the nurse educator track and two years or more of full-time employment in the academic faculty role, graduates are eligible to sit for the Nurse Educator certification exam.

NURS 501 Advanced Professionalization I
NURS 502 Advanced Nursing Practice: Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS 504 Advanced Nursing Practice: The Biological Basis of Health and Illness Across the Lifespan
NURS 511 Health Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 512 Advanced Nursing Science
NURS 602 Contexts and Curriculum of Nursing Education
NURS 603 Classroom Teaching Strategies
NURS 604 Clinical Teaching Strategies
Support courses* (two)
Education course electives (two)
*Support courses are clinically focused nursing courses within one specialty area and are determined by the student and their adviser.



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