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International Social Justice Studies, Certificate in (Undergraduate certificate)

Admission to this program has been suspended.

The Certificate in International Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary program offered by the School of World Studies and the School of Social Work. The certificate program combines international social justice, foreign languages and area studies into a unique curriculum intended to equip students for careers in a variety of fields both in the United States and abroad. Students concentrating in liberal arts or social work as well as other majors are encouraged to apply. Certification through this program requires 30 hours of credits from the list of courses below.

Curriculum requirements

6 credits: International studies. Students take two of the three courses within one of the following tracks:

Former Soviet Union

9 credits: Languages. Students select three courses within one of the following language tracks:



9 credits: International social justice.

3 credits: Cross-cultural communication. Students select one of the following courses:

3 credits: Experiential learning. Students select one of the following ways in which to apply program content to international social justice settings.

Language/cultural immersion experience. Prior to completing all of the certificate requirements students must also demonstrate successful utilization of their language, cross-cultural, social work and social justice knowledge and skills in an approved language/cultural immersion context. This can be accomplished through study abroad program, internship, service-learning course or life/work experience that has been approved by the student’s academic adviser.



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