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Thoma, Dr. Colleen
Chair, Department of Special Education and Disability Policy
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Special Education, Master of Education (M.Ed.)

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Graduates of the Master of Education in Special Education general education track learn the professional knowledge and skills needed to work in a variety of settings.

Special training is provided in teaching reading and language, behavior management, and the use of interactive strategies that teach positive social skills. Candidates are prepared to work with students in completing a variety of transitions, such as from special education to the general education classroom or from high school to employment and independent living.

Program course work encompasses broad concepts of education, research, development, related disciplines and special education to build a foundation of professional knowledge and understanding. Specialized course develop the intensive diagnostic, remedial, decision-making and consultative skills and understandings required of a professional in special education-general education setting, including the ability to recognize educational and social problems, to formulate effective individualized instructional interventions using a variety of methodologies and modifications, to incorporate accommodations and transitions into program plans and to consult productively with appropriate personnel in the development of maximum educational opportunities for students with high-incidence disabilities.

The program offers a variety of placement opportunities for clinical experiences, including a range of public and private schools and mental health programs in the Richmond area, that allow graduate students to select field experiences that are consistent with their professional goals. Previous teaching experience is valued, but not required. Students without previous teaching experience complete a practicum in addition to the externship. When students complete the program, they are eligible for licensure by the Virginia Department of Education with an endorsement to teach students enrolled in special education, general curriculum in grades K-12. Candidates are offered the option of taking a full-time or an on-the-job externship for a semester.

Students who are in bachelor’s degree programs who are planning to enroll are encouraged to consult with program faculty for assistance in selecting courses that provide sound foundation.

A personal interview with program faculty is required. Applicants who hold bachelor’s degrees in areas other than special education must complete a review process with program faculty as part of the admissions process.

Applicants not having a provisional or professional collegiate teaching license in special education must take TEDU 620 Trends in Special Education as a prerequisite course.

  EDUS/PSYC 607 Advanced Educational Psychology
  EDUS 660 Research Methods in Education
Special education core
  SEDP 501 Characteristics of Students with High Incidence Disabilities (3)
  SEDP 531 Educational Foundations for Collaboration and Universally Designed Learning (3)
  SEDP 601 Methods I: Teaching Students in Special Education - General Education (3)
  SEDP 602 Methods II: Teaching Students in Special Education General Education (2)
  SEDP 611 Secondary Education and Transition Planning (2)
  SEDP/TEDU 619 Multicultural Perspectives in Education (3)
  SEDP 700 Externship (3)
  TEDU 533 Educational Assessment of Individuals with Exceptionalities (3)
  TEDU 561 Reading Foundations: Sociological/Psychological Perspectives (3)
  TEDU 566 Diagnosis and Remediation in Reading (4) or SEDP 603 Theories, Assessment and Practices in Reading for Students With High Incidence Disabilities (3)
  TEDU 631 Behavior Management of Students with Disabilities (3)
Total credits



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