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Social and Behavioral Health, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Carlyle, Dr. Kellie E.
Graduate Program Director
(804) 628-4623


Admission requirements summary

Social and Behavioral Health, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

of entry:

Fall preferred

Applications received prior to Jan 4 given priority consideration

Special requirements:
M.P.H. or equivalent M.A. or M.S. degree

The Ph.D. program in social and behavioral health, the only one of its kind in Virginia, prepares students to conduct theoretically based research and interventions on the social and behavioral determinants of health and disease. The program includes a minimum of 50 required credit hours. Course work in research methods and the social and behavioral sciences includes nine credits of applied research internship. Students then work under the supervision of an experienced faculty adviser to conduct original research for a dissertation for nine additional credit hours.

Student learning outcomes

Sample curriculum

Fall 1 Credits
BIOS/STAT 543 Statistical Methods I 3
OVPR 603 Responsible Conduct of Research 1
SBHD 630 Theoretical Foundations of Social and Behavioral Health 3
SBHD 690 Departmental Seminar 1
SBHD elective (such as 631, 632 or 692) 3
Total 11
Spring 1  
BIOS/STAT 544 Statistical Methods II 3
SBHD 690 Departmental Seminar 1
SBHD or other electives 6
Total 10
Fall 2  
SBHD 633 Structural Equation Modeling or other advanced quantitative course 3
SBHD 690 Departmental Seminar 1
SBHD 692 Special Topics (qualitative methods) 3
SBHD or other electives 3
Total 10
Spring 2  
SBHD 690 Departmental Seminar 1
SBHD 693 SBHD Internship 9
Total 10
Fall 3 – Spring 4  
SBHD 697 Directed Research in Social and Behavioral Health 9
Total 9



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