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Systems Modeling and Analysis, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Merrick, Dr. Jason
Director, Doctoral Program in Systems Modeling and Analysis
(804) 828-5865

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Systems Modeling and Analysis, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Feb 1 Priority deadline for funding consideration

Nov 1

Special requirements:
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A Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Modeling and Analysis is offered jointly by the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research and the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The program focuses on the development of the mathematical and computational skills used to model and analyze real-world systems. Faculty and students will engage and collaborate to contribute to the knowledge base used in the fields of science, medicine, business and engineering. The continued development of operations research, statistics and applied mathematics is critical to scientific advancement in the 21st century. The doctoral curriculum enables students to expand the frontiers of knowledge through original, relevant research involving quantitative and qualitative complex systems derived from real, contemporary problems facing our world.

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