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The School of the Arts has two categories of graduate students — full time or part time. Full- or part-time graduate students are accepted either provisionally or as students with full standing into the graduate degree programs of the various departmental areas. These students may matriculate full time or part time except for the residence limitation discussed elsewhere in this bulletin.

Most graduate programs in the school require full-time status, including the concentrations in the Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts degree (photography and film, painting and printmaking, sculpture, kinetic imaging and ceramics, fibers, furniture design, glassworking and jewelry/metalworking) and the visual communication track of the M.F.A. in Design. Check with the individual departments to confirm whether full-time status is required or part-time status is permitted.

Holders of the baccalaureate degree from recognized institutions may enroll in graduate courses as nondegree-seeking special graduate students, but such courses are not applicable toward a graduate degree from this institution unless the student is accepted into a graduate degree program prior to the conclusion of the semester in which the student registered as a nondegree-seeking graduate student.

A nondegree-seeking student who is later admitted as a degree-seeking student will not be allowed to apply toward a degree more than six credits earned as a nondegree-seeking student.

The second type of nondegree-seeking graduate student is the student who holds a baccalaureate degree, who wishes to take graduate courses for personal enrichment, and who does not intend to work toward a graduate degree. There is no limit to the number of credits that students in this category may take, as long as the academic performance is credible.

All nondegree-seeking (“special”) graduate students must have written permission from the chair of the appropriate department in order to enroll in classes.


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