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Through teaching and research, the VCU School of Engineering creates knowledge and transforms ideas in engineering and life sciences into technologies that enhance regional and global prosperity. The school prepares its students for leadership and entrepreneurship through collaborative and interdisciplinary partnerships.

Founded in 1995 and graduating its first class in May 2000, the School of Engineering is the result of collaboration rare in the history of higher education in Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University has, with the support of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, created a school that brings innovative engineering and computer science education to central Virginia. Building reciprocal relationships with business and industry in the greater Richmond area, contributing to the region’s manufacturing enterprises and aggressively developing an international orientation, the school has developed programs of research and study that are sensitive to the unique demands of its time and culture.

In 1998, the undergraduate degree program in biomedical engineering was added to the original engineering disciplines of chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering, which were established in 1996. The long-standing and accredited degree program of computer science was assimilated into the School of Engineering beginning with the fall 2001 semester. In 2004-05, the chemical engineering department added an emphasis in life sciences and changed its name to the Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering.

Students are offered an integrated and multidisciplinary curriculum in biomedical, chemical and life science, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering, or computer science. Supported by the internationally recognized strengths of MCV Hospitals and the cutting-edge developments being generated by the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park, the School of Engineering at VCU has innovative curricula that emphasize creativity and imagination. By encouraging their interaction with practicing professionals, students are continually aware of the real-world application of their research and their studies.

Serving the best and the brightest students and supporting VCU’s dedication to diversity by opening doors of opportunity to underrepresented populations in the engineering and computer science professions, the school continually strives to enrich the technological and intellectual climate of the metropolitan area.

Discovering new knowledge is the goal of the best of the nation’s schools. The School of Engineering at VCU celebrates not only the discovery of knowledge, but also the creative integration and application of that knowledge.


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