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A number of policies and regulations at VCU affect students, and many of these are printed in the general information chapters of this bulletin. Three policy documents are of particular interest to students.

The VCU Rules and Procedures document outlines the rights, responsibilities and privileges of each member of the university community and describes cases when disciplinary action, including separation from the university, may be taken against a member of this community as a result of prohibited behavior as outlined in this document. The VCU Honor System defines academic dishonesty and provides a procedure for judging alleged violators of academic integrity. The Grade Review Procedure outlines the process whereby students may appeal grades that they feel have been assigned unfairly.

Each student is responsible for being familiar with the provisions of all university policies and regulations. The three policy documents described above are printed in full along with the VCU Insider Student Handbook and Resource Guide, which is made available on the Web at

VCU Honor System

VCU recognizes that honesty, truth and integrity are values central to its mission as an institution of higher learning.

The VCU Honor System describes the responsibilities of students, faculty and administration in upholding academic integrity, while respecting the rights of individuals to the due process offered by administrative hearings and appeals. All people enrolled in any course or program at VCU and all people supervising the learning of any student are responsible for acting in accordance with the provisions of the VCU Honor System.

The honor system gives definitions and illustrative examples of five acts which are violations of the policy, namely: cheating, plagiarism, facilitating academic dishonesty, stealing and lying. There are six penalties for students found guilty of these honor system violations. They are honor probation, assignment of grades, suspension, expulsion, revocation and other relevant sanctions.

See the VCU Honor System, published in full in the VCU Insider,


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