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Title: Upgrade production MySQL server,
Time: 03/19/2010 5 PM - 7 PM
System Affected: Database Systems: mySQL

User Description

On Friday the 19th, March at 5pm (THE NEW TIME IS A CHANGE), Upgrade production mysql server, from Mysql 5.0.68-enterprise-gpl-log to Mysql 5.1.40sp1-enterprise-gpl-pro-log

This will affect REDCap, vcu a-z, and various research projects.

Jim Agnew,

please call either the VCU Helpdesk or if after hours, the NOC at 828-1802 if you need to ask us to not take the MySQL server down at this time.

If you are the application owner or administrator and you need to cancel this Change Request after hours, please call the NOC at 828-1802.