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CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleInstructorEval Start DateEval End Date
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19510ACCT 202-901ACCT FOR NON BUS MAJORJon B. Hill11/26/201712/9/2017
24861ACCT 202-902ACCT FOR NON BUS MAJORJames M. Holland11/26/201712/9/2017
10003ACCT 203-001INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IPhilip R. Olds11/26/201712/9/2017
10012ACCT 203-002INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IPhilip R. Olds11/26/201712/9/2017
34479ACCT 203-003INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IWayne L. Edmunds11/26/201712/9/2017
30421ACCT 203-004INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IRoxanne M. Spindle11/26/201712/9/2017
36278ACCT 203-005INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IPhilip R. Olds11/26/201712/9/2017
32845ACCT 203-901INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IJames M. Holland11/26/201712/9/2017
36277ACCT 203-902INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IJon B. Hill11/26/201712/9/2017
17253ACCT 204-001INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIRoxanne M. Spindle11/26/201712/9/2017
33369ACCT 204-002INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIJean X. Zhang11/26/201712/9/2017
16601ACCT 204-003INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIJames M. Holland11/26/201712/9/2017
36276ACCT 204-004INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIJean X. Zhang11/26/201712/9/2017
32409ACCT 303-001INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IStephen Weber11/26/201712/9/2017
19550ACCT 303-901INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IKelly B. Green11/26/201712/9/2017
28669ACCT 303-902INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IErin M. Masters11/26/201712/9/2017
36275ACCT 303-904INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IBrent L. Roberts11/26/201712/9/2017
10021ACCT 304-901INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIAlisa G. Brink11/26/201712/9/2017
10022ACCT 304-902INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIAlisa G. Brink11/26/201712/9/2017
31770ACCT 305-902INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIIMyung S. Park11/26/201712/9/2017
32843ACCT 305-903INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIIMyung S. Park11/26/201712/9/2017
26870ACCT 306-001COST ACCOUNTINGBernhard E. Reichert11/26/201712/9/2017
31405ACCT 306-902COST ACCOUNTINGBernhard E. Reichert11/26/201712/9/2017
32149ACCT 307-901ACCOUNTING SYSTEMSFengchun Tang11/26/201712/9/2017
29021ACCT 307-902ACCOUNTING SYSTEMSMi Zhou11/26/201712/9/2017
31912ACCT 405-901TAX ACCOUNTINGBradley A. Ridlehoover11/26/201712/9/2017
27559ACCT 405-902TAX ACCOUNTINGWayne L. Edmunds11/26/201712/9/2017
32842ACCT 406-001AUDITINGGary M. Sullivan11/26/201712/9/2017
36274ACCT 406-002AUDITINGLindsay M. Andiola11/26/201712/9/2017
27908ACCT 406-901AUDITINGGary M. Sullivan11/26/201712/9/2017
32841ACCT 408-901ACCOUNTING DECISION ANALYTICSStephen Weber11/26/201712/9/2017
36273ACCT 408-902ACCOUNTING DECISION ANALYTICSStephen Weber11/26/201712/9/2017
10034ACCT 410-901ADVANCED TAX ACCOUNTINGWayne L. Edmunds11/26/201712/9/2017
10039ACCT 507-902FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTINGRoxanne M. Spindle11/26/201712/9/2017
19546ACCT 604-901ADVANCED AUDITINGGary M. Sullivan11/26/201712/9/2017
10042ACCT 608-901MANAGERIAL ACCT CONCEPTSJon B. Hill11/26/201712/9/2017
30424ACCT 662-901ADV TOP IN ACCOUNTING INFOSYSFengchun Tang11/26/201712/9/2017
26558ADLT 606-901DESIGN & DELIVERY OF PROGRAMSRobin R. Hurst11/26/201712/9/2017
23687ADLT 610-901CONSULT SKILL ADLT LEARN ENVIRRobin R. Hurst11/26/201712/9/2017
35795ADLT 623-901ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNINGRobin R. Hurst11/26/201712/9/2017
35796ADLT 670-901CURRICULUM DESIGN IN MED EDTeresa J. Carter11/21/201712/4/2017
35797ADLT 677-901REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IN MEDTeresa J. Carter11/15/201711/28/2017
36543ADMS 611-901SCHOOL LAWJonathan D. Becker11/26/201712/9/2017
36492ADMS 618-C91LEADERSHIP FOR ED CHANGE & IMPBrenda F. Cowlbeck11/26/201712/9/2017
36555ADMS 633-901MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF LEADSHPBarbara L. Driver11/26/201712/9/2017
34784ADMS 670-001ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNSHIP IStephen P. Degaetani11/21/201712/4/2017
36439ADMS 675-C91ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNSHIP IIIStephen P. Degaetani11/26/201712/9/2017
36541ADMS 703-901LDRSHP FOR SOC JUST&EQTY IN EDKatherine C. Mansfield11/26/201712/9/2017
36540ADMS 708-901EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITYGenevieve Siegel-Hawley11/26/201712/9/2017
19390AFAM 105-001SURVEY OF AFRICAN HISTORYPriscilla M. Shilaro11/26/201712/9/2017

Instructors, if you do not see your course(s) on this list, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:
  • The course has less than 5 students
  • The course is not listed under a school on Monroe Park Campus
  • The course is listed as one of the following type: Fieldwork, Research, Practicum, Independent study, Master's thesis, Dissertation
  • You are not listed as the instructor for the course in eServices (Banner)
  • The course is for a special group and is not published in Schedule of Classes. In this case, the course will actually have an evaluation, but it's name will not be listed here