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VCU Leadership Development Program

Program objectives

The VCU Leadership Development Program stresses that the improvement of leadership skills, behaviors, competencies and practices requires knowledge acquisition, professional skill development and feedback. Therefore, the program focuses on providing participants with conceptual information, practical applications and a variety of methods for enhancing their performance.

The VCU Leadership Development Program curriculum is designed to:

  • Deepen participantsí knowledge of VCU, its structure, mission and vision
  • Build a sense of community among participants to strengthen their network of colleagues at VCU
  • Increase participantsí knowledge about higher education issues from state and national perspectives
  • Develop participantsí skills in leading others engaged in the delivery of quality services and programs
  • Enhance leadersí self-knowledge to clarify their plans for ongoing leadership development
  • Strengthen participantsí commitment to sustaining an organizational climate at the university that is focused on quality, responsiveness and inclusion
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