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Information for Students

How do I complete my evaluations?

When the evaluations become available, you will receive an email. The email will include the link to your evaluation forms.


Visit https://courseeval.vcu.edu/Blue/ and log in with your eID and password.

General Information

What is course evaluation?

Course evaluation is the form you fill out at the end of a course to give your feedback about your instructor and different aspects of the course. The questions vary from school to school but generally collect the same kind of information. The students complete these forms anonymously i.e., the instructor does not know which student in their class filled out the forms.

Why is it important?

Course evaluation may seem like a formality, but it is an important tool to maintain and improve the quality of education provided.

Course evaluations help faculty plan and improve the courses they will teach in the future. Faculty can modify/improve the syllabus, their teaching style, assignments, quizzes, office hours and more based on the feedback they receive from students. Faculty also have to report some of this data as part of their annual report.

Evaluation reports are used by administrators such as department chairs and deans when deciding on the promotion and tenure of your instructor. For the administrators, course evaluation is an important source of information about your instructor's teaching.

Course evaluation data is sometimes used for accreditation purposes

Why are we doing it online?

Conducting course evaluations online simplifies the process and offers advantages to students, faculty and administrators.

Available for two weeks
With online evaluations, there is no need to rush to complete the form in class. Now you can complete the form at leisure and give more thoughtful feedback. Missed the class in which your instructor distributed the course evaluation form? Not a problem anymore. These evaluations are available 24x7, for a two week period.

Online course evaluation is completely anonymous. Your instructor can’t see whos filled out the form or what information was provided by that student. They only see the aggregate results for each question. You can see a sample report that an instructor gets.

It's Eco-Friendly
Moving to online evaluations will save tons of paper every year. This is one small effort in VCU’s larger commitment to eco-friendly practices.

What happened to the paper and pencil evaluation forms?

The online evaluations will replace most paper based evaluations on Monroe Park Campus and eventually MCV Campus.

Are evaluations available for all the courses?

Evaluations are available for most of the courses, but there are certain exceptions. For example, courses with less than five students do not have an evaluation. Courses which are classified as Independent Study, Research, Master's Thesis, Dissertation, Private Lessons, Recitals etc do not have evaluations either. The best way to verify this is to check on the list of courses which courses have online evaluation available this semester.

What kind of questions are asked in the course evaluations?

Who looks at the results of these evaluations?

The instructor who taught the course, the department chair and the dean of the school.

Completing the Evaluations

When can I do these evaluations?

For Fall and Spring courses, the evaluations are available last two weeks of classes. For Summer courses, the evaluations are available for last seven days of class. Please see the List of Courses page to see the start and end dates for your courses.

How will I know that the evaluations are available?

We send you an email when the evaluations are available. We also send you reminder emails if you have not completed the evaluations.

How much time does it take to complete?

It usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete each form. You can of-course take more time and provide more detailed feedback.

I am auditing a course. Can I still fill out the evaluations for this course?

Yes, you should be able to complete the evaluations just like the registered students.

Will my instructor see the course evaluation results as soon as I complete it?

Faculty see the results 2-3 weeks after the evaluations are over. This is done to ensure that are the student grades have been submitted before reports are made available.

I want to complete an evaluation but the link is gone. Can I still do the evaluations?

Sorry, the evaluations are available only for a period of two weeks. Once that period is over, you cannot complete the evaluations

Do I have to do all the evaluations at the same time?

No, you can do only one evaluation at a time and do the remaining later, though we recommend not leaving them for later.

Can I save an incomplete evaluation and complete it later?

No, you cannot save a partially completed evaluation.

Confidentiality of Course Evaluations

Are these evaluations really anonymous?

Yes, they are. The software we use for course evaluation has two layers of confidentiality built in.

1. As soon as you submit the evaluation, it stores your identity in one table and your responses in another and encrypts the link between the two.

2. When faculty see the reports, they only see aggregate results. Faculty never see the identity of the student who submitted the evaluation. Look at the sample question from a report:

Q 1. The instructor's classroom sessions stimulated my interest in the subject.
Strongly Agree: 23
Agree: 16
Neutral: 10
Disagree: 2
Strongly Disagree: 0

Can instructors see my comments?

Yes, your instructor can see your comments, but cannot see the name of student who submitted them. When you write text comments, please do not include your name or information that might allow instructor to uniquely identify you.

This is how the comments appear on the evaluation report:


Why do I have to log in if these evaluations are anonymous?

Just like we keep the evaluations fair for students, by keeping them anonymous, we also need to keep the fair for the faculty. When you log in to complete evaluations for a course, the software can make sure that you are enrolled in this course and that you submit the evaluation form only once.

Do other universities require students to log in to complete evaluations?

University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University, George Mason University, Harvard, MIT, and other universities that we have looked at all require student to login to complete the evaluations.

Will my instructor know that I filled out the evaluation?

No. Only the software knows that you filled out the evaluation, but it automatically encrypts this information and hides it from the faculty. Your instructor will never know whether you filled out an evaluation or what your specific responses were.

In fact, the online system is better at keeping your responses anonymous than the paper based system since your instructor cannot see your handwriting.

Will my Instructor be able to see the results before the grades are posted?

No. We keep a gap of 2-3 weeks between when the semester ends and when your instructor sees the reports. All the grades should be posted in eServices by then.


I do not see links for any/all my courses?

If you do not see an evaluation link for a course, it could be one of the following reason:

  • The evaluations for this course may not have started yet or might be over. Please check the list of courses to see when the evaluations will start and end.
  • The course might be excluded from online evaluations because of our exculsion criteria (see exclusion criteria above)
  • You might have filled it out already
  • You withdrew from the course

Where can I get help?

If you need help with the online course evaluations, the quickest way to contact us is via email to courseeval@vcu.edu. Please include your name, phone number, eID, and the course and section number for the evaluation you are having trouble with.