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Career Development Seminar
Instructor: Gallagher, Charles

This class consists of weekly meetings with CEOs. The aim is to allow our best students to interact one-on-one with executives. Student research the companies ahead of time to prepare questions. This class is definitely an honors section. Only senior level students are approved for participation, Students must be recommended by a faculty member based an their exceptional academic performance, And, personal interviews with the student are required before final approval is given to participate in the class. There is only one CEO class per year. All of the students are students. The average GPA of the participating students is better than a 3.5 with many of the students having a 4.0. The are several goals for the CEO class: 1. The VCU Business School is able to showcase our academically top students to the business leaders. We have outstanding students that will make a significant positive contribution. 2. By having several of our alumni, CEO's & Presidents, participate students can see that they too can have successful leadership roles in the business community. 3. The fifteen students quickly bond with each other as they work as a team. The intent is for these "outstanding" students to continue to network with each other after graduation.