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Reason, Science, and the Self
Instructor: Mills, Eugene

22125, 22124, 27041, 24920 PHIL 230 701, 702, 703, 750
Time: Various

The chief aim of this course is to improve your skill at distinguishing good (reasonable, justified) beliefs from bad. Many of our beliefs are held on the basis of arguments. Moreover, we are regularly invited to form new beliefs or relinquish some of our current ones on the basis of arguments. The reasonableness of a belief often depends on the arguments that support it. Hence the ability to recognize and critically engage arguments is crucial to telling good beliefs from bad. One primary goal of this course is to sharpen your abilities to identify, analyze, and assess arguments. Another primary goal of this course is to show you how to apply these critical reasoning skills to philosophical explorations of the nature of science, knowledge, and personal identity.