VCU Honors College


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Honors: EGRB 401
Instructor: TBA, TBA

EGRB 401 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708, 709
Time: TBA

Honors section of existing VCU course. Continuous courses; 9 laboratory hours. 3-3 credits. Prerequisites: senior standing in the Department of Biomedical Engineering; EGRB 301, EGRB 307 and EGRB 308; or permission of instructor; completion of EGRB 401 to enroll in EGRB 402. A minimum of nine laboratory hours per week is dedicated to the design, development and execution of the senior design (capstone) project for biomedical engineering under the direction of a faculty research adviser in biomedical engineering or an acceptable substitute as determined by the course coordinator. Tasks include team meetings (for team projects), brainstorming, sponsor advising, designing, fabrications, assembling, reviewing, studying, researching, testing and validating projects. Monthly progress reports are due to the research adviser and course coordinator. An oral presentation is due at the end of the first semester, as well as a final project report and oral presentation at the conclusion of the two-semester design process.