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Honors Council

Member Role/school Term
Anne Chandler Interim dean, Honors College Ex-officio
Jacqueline Smith-Mason Assistant dean, Honors College Ex-officio
Meghan Homer Coordinator of academic affairs, Honors College Ex-officio
Carolyn Eastman College of Humanities and Sciences May 2016
David Bromley College of Humanities and Sciences May 2015
Jeong Han Kim School of Allied Health Professions May 2016
Jody Symula School of the Arts May 2014
Sidney Bostian School of Business May 2015
Michael Healy School of Dentistry May 2016
Edmund Acevedo School of Education May 2014
Charles Cartin School of Engineering May 2017
Sherry Sandkam Graduate School May 2016
Tanya Huff School of Nursing May 2015
Christopher Hogan School of Medicine May 2016
Jennifer Neal School of Pharmacy May 2016
Youngmi Kim School of Social Work May 2015