Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Honors College

For faculty

Funding for honors courses

The Honors College offers courses for credit to honors students. Honors courses are typically taught by faculty members in the school or college housing the course.

The Honors College provides funding according to the following guidelines:

The Honors College allocates $8,000 for a three-credit honors course and $4,000 for a 1.5-credit honors module. VCU faculty and staff are not eligible to receive additional direct pay for teaching honors courses. After funds are distributed to the appropriate unit, the faculty member’s department will receive replacement pay for the full-time faculty teaching honors courses. The Honors College does not hire faculty members directly. Replacement pay generally is not granted for special sections of regular courses open only to honors students or for courses offered as honors but oriented primarily to majors.

Summer and intersession honors courses

Nine- and 10-month faculty or adjunct faculty teaching honors courses during the summer session or intersession may be compensated directly according to the program guidelines for summer and intersession compensation. Faculty members employed on an 11- or 12-month basis are not eligible for additional compensation. Please contact the Summer Studies and Intersession Office at (804) 827-4586 for more information.