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Guaranteed Admission Program

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Professional health science programs

VCU’s professional health science programs, located on the MCV Campus, train students to meet the health needs of the community. In the interest of recruiting the best people for health science vocations, the Honors College developed Guaranteed Admission Programs for a number of the professions.

Students apply for admission to the Guaranteed Admission Program in high school and begin their association with their professional program at the beginning of their college studies. Through personal and careful advising, they plan a course of study that both meets the course requirements of the program they will enter and allows for the development of their personal educational objectives.

Available programs

Guaranteed Admission Programs are available to entering honors students for the following programs:

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Continuing students

Continuing students at VCU who are interested in pursuing guaranteed admission in the professional health sciences should contact the director of enrollment management for further information about the application process. Continuing students may apply for all of the programs above. In addition, continuing students may also apply for Dentistry (D.D.S.), Medicine (M.D.), Nursing (M.S.), Nursing (Ph.D.), Nurse Anesthesiology (M.S.N.A.).