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Each year the Fulbright Student Scholarship program provides funding for approximately 1,400 American students to study, conduct research or teach English in more than 140 nations. As Fulbright grantees, students in a range of diverse fields undertake projects that prepare them to play an influential role in today’s global society and contribute to mutual understanding among cultures and nations. The Fulbright Student Scholarship program offers invaluable leadership development experiences along with opportunities for intellectual, professional and artistic growth. Fulbright students meet and work with the people of the host country, sharing daily life as well as professional and creative insight. This cultural immersion functions to increase the international skills and awareness of the grantee, while engaging members of the host community with Americans. The Fulbright Student Scholarship program welcomes applications from recent graduates, postgraduate candidates, and developing professionals and artists. Graduating seniors are encouraged to apply, as the Fulbright program provides significant international experience that can have a major effect on early career development.


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