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Computer Models for Respiratory Airways and Lung Injury

Instructor: Pidaparti, Ramana

Incidences of respiratory failure in US are about 137-253 per 100,000 US residences with mortality rates of these patients are about 36%-44%. Inflammation is the main driver or modulator and has been recognized that it is an integral component for most of the acute and chronic diseases. Inflammation can be initiated within the body due to disease or from the outside as in infections, is a complex and dynamic process, and involves nonlinearity and stochasticity. In order to gain understanding of this complex inflammation process and to aid in experiments, building computational simulations is necessary.

The goal of this project is to investigate the stress/strain response in lung airway tissue models using finite element analysis software and also develop a JAVA/MATLAB framework to analyze and quantify cellular inflammation related to lung injury. Also conduct sensitivity analysis due to various parameters.

Specific courses completed: Not specified

Skills/Interests: Some experience with computer models and software.

Student eligibility requirements: Junior, Biomedical Engineering Pre-medicine Mechanical/Chemical Engineering