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Corrosion Risk Assessment

Instructor: Pidaparti, Ramana

The failures in infrastructural systems (Minnesota bridge collapse, pipeline failures in Alaska and others) have brought national attention to the problem of corrosion detection and monitoring. As evidenced by the above situations as well as in other applications, it is possible for severe corrosion and degradation in infrastructure systems to remain undetected until a catastrophic failure occurs. It is our belief that developing an integrated smart wireless diagnostic system (ISWDS) might aid in predicting corrosion and other damage related failures in infrastructural systems.

The goal of this project is to develop a system framework to analyze and quantify corrosion damage from heterogeneous sensors and intelligent computations. The technological advancement in sensors, data fusion, and computational intelligence will be used to develop a real-time damage monitoring system for corrosion risk assessment.

Specific courses completed: Not specified

Skills/Interests: Some experience with computer models and software.

Student eligibility requirements: Junior, Engineering/Math/Statistics/Arts