VCU Honors College

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Projects and descriptions

Aldi, Marco The Geometry of Extra Dimensions.Mathematics and Applied MathematicsView
Amstadter, Ananda Service Experiences and Alcohol Preference StudyPsychiatryView
Collinson, Maryanne Nanoporous sensors for environmental and biomedical applications ChemistryView
Corona, Rosalie Promoting mental health in the Latino communityPsychologyView
Franklin, Rima Antibiotic resistant bacteria in the James RiverBiologyView
Franklin, Rima Using molecular genetic tools to understand the diversity and function of microbial communities in freshwater wetlandsBiologyView
Hirsch, Herbert German Scientists and GenocidePolitical ScienceView
Johnson, Candace Preliminary Testing of an Internet-based, Culturally-tailored, Yoga Activity in African-American Women at-risk for the Metabolic SyndromeNursingView
Kinser, Patricia Mindful Physical Activity in Centering Pregnancy for Diverse Pregnancy WomenNursingView
McRae, MaryPeace Understanding the Effects of HIV and Drugs of Abuse on the Blood Brain BarrierPharmacy/PharmacotherapyView
Means, Bernard Building a Virtual Museum and Physical Exhibit of Terracotta Figurines and Ethnographic Data from North IndiaSchool of World StudiesView
Means, Bernard Archaeology and the Enslaved in VirginiaSchool of World StudiesView
Montpetit, Alison Development of an Exhaled Breath Biomarker as a Rib Fracture Assessment Measure (RAM Study)Nursing, Adult Health and Nursing SystemsView
Porter, Joseph Examining the Antidepressant-like Properties of the Antipsychotic Amisulpride in the Forced Swim Test in C57BL/6 MiceHumanities & Sciences/PsychologyView
Tang, Christina Advanced Fabrics Capable of Chemical SensingEngineering/Chemical and Life Science EngineeringView
Tibbetts, Katharine Understanding the Strong Field Photochemical Reduction Kinetics of [AuCl4]– for Au Nanoparticle SynthesisChemistryView
Wetzel, Paul A The Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Neurological Diseases On Eye Movement ResponseBiomedical EngineeringView
Zhang, Yan Novel agents to treat NeuroAIDSPharmacy, Med ChemView
Zhao, Hong 3D printed smart shoe sole with embedded pressure sensorsMechanical and Nuclear EngineeringView