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Aldi, Marco Generalized Geometry and String TheoryMathematics and Applied MathematicsView
Amstadter, Ananda Service Experiences and Alcohol Preference StudyPsychiatryView
Appelbaum, Nital The Implementation of a Data Registry within the VCU School of Medicine to Longitudinally Study the Professional Development of Medical Students over Time School of MedicineView
Collinson, Maryanne Nanoporous Sensors for Environmental and Biomedical ApplicationsChemistryView
Conway, Daniel Measurement of Cell Junction Forces during Cytokine-Induced InflammationEngineering/Biomedical EngineeringView
Corona, Rosalie 'Can Parents Help Prevent Youth Tobacco Use?' An Evaluation of Two Evidence-Based Parenting ProgramsPsychologyView
DiazGranados, Deborah Examining the Impact of Leader Social Distance on a Multicultural Team School of MedicineView
Franklin, Rima Using Molecular Genetic Tools to Understand the Effect of Climate Change of Microbial Communities in WetlandsBiologyView
Heise, Rebecca Deciphering the Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Lung InjuryBiomedical EngineeringView
Hodge, Megan Tracking Trends in the Professional Advancement of Academic Public Services Librarians: A Mixed-Methods StudyVCU LibrariesView
Huang, Rong De Novo Anticancer Drug DiscoveryPharmacy/Medicinal ChemistryView
Means, Bernard Visualizing, Printing and Sharing the PastSchool of World StudiesView
Porter, Joseph Examining the Discriminative Stimulus Properties of Ketamine in C57BL/6 MicePsychologyView
Sun, Dong Effect of a Novel Specific NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor 16673-34-0 on Traumatic Brain InjuryMedicine/NeurosurgeryView
Tang, Christina Polymer-Metal Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical DevelopmentEngineering/Chemical and Life ScienceView
Wetzel, Paul A Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Diseases On Vergence Eye Movements and Pupillary ResponseBiomedical EngineeringView
Wu, Fang-sheng Development of an Efficient Gene Transfer System for Plant Transformation BiologyView