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Kristen Lee gets help adjusting her tap shoes at a VCU home game. Photo by Kevin Morley, University Relations.

Lucky charms

Fans and players share the superstitions and game-day rituals they use to help lead the Rams to victory.

Montage of memes and images from Pinterest

People with chronic pain are coping with the help of Pinterest, new study reveals

A new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University that analyzed 502 posts on Pinterest about chronic pain revealed that the social media platform is helping people with chronic pain cope by sharing self-care and pain-management tips, venting about their pain’s severity, and supporting others who are similarly suffering.

Remembering St. Philip

Remembering St. Philip

A look at the all-black, all female school of nursing and its role in VCU's history

Rodney the Ram mascot framed by a heart.

Who needs Cupid when you’ve got VCU?

Countless relationships are formed at Virginia Commonwealth University — friendships, mentorships, professional partnerships, academic collaborations and, of course, romantic connections, some of which last a lifetime. Below we share the love stories of couples whose relationships were formed or strengthened with help from VCU.

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