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VCU Core Values

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

Dear VCU and VCU Health Communities,

A recent incident between two faculty members in the VCU School of the Arts has caused us deep concern and reminds us of the work we have to do to live up to our core values related to diversity and inclusion. Our university opened an inquiry into the incident, met with and provided support for those involved, and now has concluded its inquiry. We are not permitted to publicly discuss the details of this incident nor the findings of the inquiry; this statement should not be interpreted as our comments on that specific incident.

However, I will state unequivocally that our core values leave no room for compromise. When the boundaries of common courtesy, decency and respect are crossed for any one of us, then we are all affected. When our core values of diversity and inclusion are impinged upon for some of us, then every one of us loses an opportunity for growth, learning and success. We are a community of inclusion, not exclusion.

This statement is not about any single incident. This is about all of us and the role we will choose in cultivating a university culture that is free from individual, institutional, and systemic bias. During the next few months, our university will take several steps to examine its culture and to ensure VCU is a community of accountability, fairness and justice. I will keep you updated as we take these next steps. I trust that I will have your support during this important process.


Michael Rao
VCU and VCU Health System